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Regional Medical Management (RMM) has provided diversified solutions for Hospital, and Private Practices since 2002. RMM focuses on an efficient and effective process to maximize net practice revenue and decrease the practices expenses. Our services allow you, the client, to focus on providing high quality medical care to your patients.


We feel we're the best in class in the medical management business, but don't take our word for it alone.
We've been building trust with our customers for over a decade, and we'd love to add your practice to the list of satisfied clients.

North Country Neurology, PC

Addiction Recovery Medical Services

"Their professional approach to setting up my practice, providing comprehensive billing and credentialing services, created a successful platform allowing me to focus on patient care. RMM provides exceptional customer service to the practice and most importantly to our patients. If you are seeking a company with a professional and personal approach, I highly recommend RMM."

  • Charles Moehs, MD

Comprehensive Women’s
Health Services, PLLC

"Beginning in 2004, RMM assisted in creating the formation of the practice as well as providing comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management and Credentialing Services... RMM hands on approach allows my staff and I to concentrate on patient care. RMM possesses a high level of professionalism and expertise… I would recommend RMM as your Revenue Cycle Management partner."

  • Walter Dodard, DO